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Swim Bike Run – REPEAT

By Genuine Health

Proteins+ ActivFuel+ Recover+ – REPEAT

As a seasoned Ironman 70.3 competitor, I must take extremely good care of my body in order to get it through my rigorous daily training and, to get me to the races in peak form. My favourite Genuine Health products have been a big part of my training and racing for many years now in this regard.

Every morning starts with a full serving of Proteins+, either the Vegan or regular mixed into a shake or cereal blend. Along with the Proteins+, in goes one serving of Greens+ Multi into my morning meal. By adding Greens+ Multi I am ensuring I am replenishing all of my body’s both macro and mirco nutritional needs to get me through another day of swimming, biking, running and weight lifting. To fight inflammation and to keep my moods stable and brain healthy, I finish my morning ritual with Omega3+ Joy in the liquid formula.

Before and during each training session I use ActivFuel+.  I love ActivFuel+ because it does not use artificial sweeteners like sucralose and, instead is naturally sweetened with beet juice, brown rice based and agave based syrups. If I am training in the evening, I use Caffeine Free ActivFuel+. I am so impressed this company offers a caffeine free version of my favourite fuel, in addition to offering a vegan formula which I often use as well.

After each training session I turn to ActivRecover+, a brilliant formula that uses tart cherry juice among other ingredients well researched in playing a strong roll in halting the inflammatory process and keep those overworked joints happy and healthy. Rather than booking extra dates with my foam roller, I can go out and enjoy myself socially and/or keep on moving well after my workouts without being in too much delayed onset muscle soreness from all of the vigorous training.

Lastly, I often end my hardest training days with Sleep+ Timed Release Melatonin to ensure I get a full deep sleep and in this regard, the best possible recovery I can.

Last year I competed at both the regular Mont Tremblant Ironman 70.3 event in May and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in September, also in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.


This year I am off to Dublin for another Ironman 70.3.  I have three other local Ontario triathlons and one Toronto running race  planned leading up to my August 9th race date. My Genuine Health products will ensure I get there in good form.