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perfect skin - blemish
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perfect skin - blemish

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Please note that product names, ingredients, and packaging differ between countries. It looks like you’re viewing the wrong region of our website. Please click here to go the United States version of our website.
Looking for Genuine Health products outside of USA or Canada? Please click here to go to find an international retailer.
Looking for clear, glowing skin from the inside out? Based on leading skin care research and developed in-conjunction with a leading naturopathic doctor and dermatologist, perfect skin - blemish contains natural, proven ingredients including omega3-EPA concentrate, green tea extract, zinc and chromium that work synergistically to maintain healthy skin.


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What people are saying

“ My skin has less to no breakouts and my skintone is evened out. I love this product! ” Read more
EmilyMoonie October 6, 2016

perfect skin - blemish

Get clear, glowing skin from the inside out – naturally. Based on leading skin care research and developed in-conjunction with a leading naturopathic doctor and dermatologist, perfect skin - blemish contains natural, proven ingredients including omega3-EPA concentrate, green tea extract, zinc and chromium that work synergistically to maintain healthy skin.

Since its introduction, testimonials from those plagued with problem skin reported amazing results with regular supplementation of perfect-skin - blemish.

This overwhelming feedback motivated our participation in a clinical study, in which researchers conducted patient studies on the influence of Genuine Health’s perfect skin - blemish supplement on moderate acne and mental outlook.

This research found that after taking 4 capsules daily for 2 months, study participants had an average of 22 less acne lesions, a 70% improvement in lesions associated with inflammation and a 24% improvement in global aspects of well-being, including mental, emotional and social well-being.*

As the effects of acne can also have an emotional impact, perfect skin - blemish is unique in that it addresses both physical skin health, and emotional wellbeing.

Read the full research here

perfect skin - blemish is hexane free

*Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases Mark G Rubin, Katherine Kim, Alan C Logan Lipids Health Dis. 2008; 7: 36. Published online 2008 October 13. doi: 10.1186/1476-511X-7-36 PMCID: PMC2577647

The Formula

Each perfect skin softgel contains:
id System enteric-coated EPA-rich fish oil concentrate (from anchovy and sardines) 500mg
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 250mg
Green tea leaf extract providing 50mg ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate) - 125 mg
Zinc (gluconate) 3.75mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 2.5 mg AT
Selenium (L-selenomethionine) 50mcg
Chromium (citrate) 50mcg
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin (soybean), dicalcium phosphate, purified water, aqueous coating solution.

Adult and adolescents (14-18) dosage:

Take four (4) softgels daily with food. Take it a few hours before or after taking other medications.


Not to be taken during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, by those on Tetracyclines or with a history of non-melanoma skin cancer unless under the recommendation of a health care practitioner.

Note: perfect skin contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

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77 review(s)

Amazing results!

My skin has less to no breakouts and my skintone is evened out. I love this product!

EmilyMoonie October 6, 2016

Finally, something that works!

I've tried everything, from antibiotics, to birth control/other hormonal acne treatments, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and countless skin care routines, but nothing was making a substantial difference with the painful acne on my face. Perfect Skin along with a prescription topical has completely cleared up my face and is now making progress on clearing up my acne scarring.

My recommendation is, don't expect results in a week or even two. My amazing results came after about 4-5 weeks of consistent use, taking 4 soft gels per day.

*I was not paid for this review. I am skeptical about acne products at first, but now I love it! Definitely worth it*

Joelle July 29, 2016

I love this product so much

I've had acne since I was 10, I'm 24 now and I can't believe how much my skin has changed in a matter of weeks. I've tried everything you can possibly think of and my skin has just gotten worse and angry. My skin was at it's worst last month and in cried every day because my spots were purple and all over my face, it looked like I had a beard of pimples and it was so hard to cover with makeup. I've been using for 2 weeks now every day and every morning I wake up my skin looks better. My dark angry purple spots are almost faded and my bumps have decreased significantly. Thank you so much, I'm incredibly happy , I wear way less makeup now because I have the confidence to not need as much, and it's only getting better. I will never not recommend this product I will never stop using it.

cindy February 2, 2016

My holy grail

I have struggled with acne-prone skin my whole life. I have tried topical prescription medications (Differin, Klaron lotion, all kinds of salysilic acid, and BP) and I've even been on Accutane with no results. I bought Perfect Skin 2 years ago just to try it (since I've tried everything else) and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. In combination with a new simple skin care routine and a healthy diet, my skin has never looked better! I NEVER break out anymore, and when I do, it's because I've missed my pills for a few days! It will definitely take some time to see results, but I promise it will be worth it! I also love that it is more of a "vitamin" than a medication and that there are no side effects. Thank you Genuine Health!!!!! :)

AM April 12, 2013

Great product

After a decade of battling with my skin, I have finally found a side effect free way to manage my skin. My acne (on my face and back) was always a source of anxiety and embarrassment for me. I tried many different ways to treat it, but the only thing that worked for years was oral contraceptives. For various reasons, I can no longer take hormonal birth control and, as I feared, my acne returned when I stopped taking it. I decided to try Perfect Skin (and the dietary recommendations in "The Clear Skin Diet") and I have been amazed with the results. Your skin probably won't clear up immediately - it takes a bit of time for results to show but it is worth the persistence. After 4 weeks, my face is clear, balanced, and smooth and I have had no new breakouts on my back. Old red spots and scars are even diminishing, too. Thank you so much for making this product. It might not be a miracle cure for everyone, but it is definitely worth a shot.

joyflower February 23, 2013

A great product

Hi there,

I am giving this 5 stars because I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. For the past few years, I have had acne. I have had a considerable amount of stress over the past few years. I tried going all natural with my skin care. This helps - using coconut oil, and jojoba oil for my dehydrated, congested oily skin. However I still was getting annoying pimples by my cheek and sometimes by my jawline. I started using this product. I initially tried the smaller bottle, taking 4 pills a day. I noticed a MAJOR difference in my skin within the month. My acne had gone down and was not as inflamed. My face generally "pushed" the gunky stuff out very easily as opposed to getting trapped deep under my skin. I started slacking off with the product and saw larger bumps that took more time to heal. I am certain that my little slacking off experiment has proved to me that this product was doing it's job. I'm back to using 4 pills a day: 1 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 3 at dinner, 4 before I go to bed. My skin looks so smooth. It has been a few years since I have said that!

Emma October 20, 2012

This is the only thing that's worked for me

I've had horrible skin since I was thirteen or so (I'm now 25). No amount of scrubbing, treatments, diet changes, hormones, anything would fix it. Having tried every skin supplement, and having them all fail, I was skeptical about Perfect Skin. These days, I wouldn't be without it. I still have a spot or two, but it's 95% improved from where I was. When I've slacked on taking the pills, I notice flare-ups. For anyone wondering about this product, try it for 4 weeks. I've actually had people say I'm glowing these days! (My sister is an esthetician, and even she asked what I was doing differently!)

Charlotte September 25, 2012

Great product - but can't take recommended amount

Within 4 days of taking Perfect Skin my mother commented to me, "What have you done to your face? It looks really good".

I take it with the Multi+ Daily Glow and together I think these pills work to nourish your skin and give it a lovely glow.

The only problem is that if I take the recommended dosage I start breaking out. When I take half the amount I do just fine.

LizzyBee July 20, 2012

Amazing product

Based on food allergies I tend to break out in a rash on my face, lower cheeks and chin area. For months nothing worked to clear this up. I tried topical gels and creams and was giving up hope that this would ever go away when my natural pharmacist recommended I try Perfect Skin. After about 2 weeks, my rash was gone. And even if I eat something that I'm not supposed to, it has not returned. I will never be without these vitamins. I only take one a day, in the morning with food so it's really a great value. Thank you for your product!

Laura July 9, 2012

Hanging in there

It has been one month since I began taking the full dose (4 capsules) of Perfect Skin. After 2 weeks I hadn't noticed much of a difference and was losing hope, telling myself I may as well finish the bottle. Now I have just purchased my second bottle and am feeling more confident in the results. I was having a large quantity of painful cystic acne lesions and by the end of the third week was pleased to notices a decrease in new lesions. I am also starting to notice a decrease in blackheads on my nose. Nutritionally I have begun eating more vegetarian meals using lentils and tofu and have switched completely to a fortified almond milk. I have continued to use the same cleansers and moisturizers and can't wait to see further improvement in the month to come :D

Rosie May 26, 2012

You can feel the difference!!

I do not have acne problem, only once in a blue moon that I get one or two tiny ones but I have very sensitive skin and get sun burn very easily. And perfect skin really works! I take twice a day and it ease my skin problem. Also if you are lazy person like me you should try and it woks better than those cosmetics in a bottle!

Tweet May 16, 2012

High Hopes

I'm now 28 years old and have suffered from acne since my teens. It's been a very frustrating road for me and an expensive one! I've tried everything under the sun, proactive (which worked for a month until my skin became immune to it) I've had Dr Prescriptions and blue lazer Therapy. Nothing has worked. Another con on my behalf is that facial cysts run in my family. I'm lucky enough that I have never gotten any, but my poor sister has had to have surgery to have them removed. I've been seeing this "Perfect Skin" around lately so I decided to read some reviews before buying it. I just picked up my first bottle yesterday and I have very high hopes!

Leah May 14, 2012


I work in the industry and I would like to share a testimonial with you. My daughter Bianca first started using Perfect Skin at about 17 years old. She had acne which no over the counter product would help. I bought her Perfect Skin to try. Within the first two weeks we noticed a clearing of acne and also scarring was fading. This product is still a big part of her daily routine. She will not be without it!

Today she is almost 22 and has perfect skin because Perfect Skin does exactly what the label says. I recommend this product to a lot of our customers and they are also repeat buyers!
Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Yours truly,

Juanita April 16, 2012

Give it time to work!

The first couple of weeks of taking perfect skin, my skin got worse...I almost quit taking them because of it but I'm glad I didn't. I have been taking 4 pills a day for 3 months now and my skin has really gotten better. I will always have sensitive skin but since taking them some scaring has healed and I haven't had any huge breakouts. I still get the occasional small pimple here and there but overall I'm pretty satisfied. I heard that diet does affect yor skin quality so I've cleaned up my diet and consume less dairy. I don't have "perfect skin" but it's much improved from what it used to be.

Lauren April 15, 2012

Very Good Product for dark spots

I have started taking them just to try some skin breakouts and after few weeks I realized dark spot -which I have many on my face- where vanishing and my skin was getting a more uniform colour. I took at the begining 4 pills as they advise, but it is too much, now I keep taking two pill per day and still have some dark spots -after one year- but they are fading and my skin looks great. I tried many things for dark skin and this is the only one I got results

Zara April 13, 2012

So far so good!

I've been taking these supplements for 2 months now. The dosage says to take 4 a day but I have been taking only 2 a day. I have to say I noticed improvements within a week and a half! My skin used to feel like sand paper all the time, I hated when my boyfriend touched my face and was very self conscious of how my skin felt. Now its texture is much better, much softer. I mostly had lots of black heads and large pores, with a few small white heads, and the occasional ugly bigger pimple. Now my pores look smaller and cleaner. The overall color of the skin on my face has improved too. It's more even now, and a healthier colour. However, I do still use once a day (before bedtime) the Clearasil Daily Cleansing Pads in conjunction with these supplements. The funny thing is that since the skin is smoother now I actually noticed fine lines on my forehead!! haha

I also bought the Clear Skin Diet book. I am only 3 chapters into it but I must say it's a super informative book! I HIGHLY recommend it! Even if you don't have the patience or drive to adjust your lifestyle, read it just to understand acne and the factors that affect it. You will be suprised. I have debates with people about the importance of sleep, but every time I get a solid 8-9 hour sleep, when I wake up my skin looks SO much better, compared to a 5-6 hour sleep. And then by the evening it's back to normal :( Out of my own observation, before reading this book I notices sleep and stress have a huge impact on my skin. Now I am happy to learn more about diet as well so that I can manage my acne the most natural way possible.

Lav March 7, 2012

For Haus

Since acne is a dermato-medical condition, we cannot offer specific treatment advice related to acne. Everything from stress to mood, to weather and diet can affect acne. However, one point worthy of consideration additional EPA. There is evidence that 2 to 3 grams of EPA might be required to reduce the leukotriene B4 (LTB4 is an inflammatory immune chemical that drives sebum production) in acne. Rather than additional capsules of perfect skin (i.e. more than 4 per day), it might be easier and less expensive to add on another gram or two of EPA via o3mega+ joy.

Genuine Health March 6, 2012

Not bad

I have been using this product for about a month now, and have noticed a small difference, it hasnt stopped my breakouts, but has slightly calmed them.

Liz January 4, 2012

perfect skin works!

I have had adult acne for over a decade now and have tried many solutions. Nothing worked. I cannot take certain treatments like acutane for other health reasons so I am always trying holistic ways or preventative ways to better my skin. The only time my skin has been clear for a significant amount of time is when I was pregnant. So I know the cause of my acne is linked to hormones and the biochemistry of my body. I tried Perfect Skin and I cannot believe how well it is working. My skin feels amazing. It is not too dry or too oily and since I have been taking it (for two months now) I have not had any pimples or breakouts!! I highly recommend this supplement to anyone struggling with adult acne.

mojo January 2, 2012

It Works, but hard on stomach

I have been taking Perfect Skin for 2 weeks now. I take 2 pills with breakfast and 2 pills with dinner. I am already noticing a big improvement :) The only thing that bothers me is it seems to be hard on my stomach. I always make sure to take it with a full meal. Has anyone else had this problem? Suggestions?

Nicole September 9, 2011

2&1/2 Month Update

I've been taking the supplement for 2.5 months, and as I wrote earlier that I would post updates, here is what I have noticed so far: I still have a small bit of acne, but it doesn't seem nearly as inflamed as previous flareups. I still have blackheads, but again, they aren't inflamed and seem to be to a lesser degree. There are additional changes that I am very happy about -- My skin still is oily, but not anywhere near what it was before, and my face and body don't seem nearly as dry as they have in the past. The two days that I was unable to moisturise right after my shower, my skin seemed to have it's own moisture to rely on, unlike in the past where my skin would be painfully dry and the oil producing areas would then pump out the oil to compensate. This product seems to make my skin more balanced, so I don't feel the need to wear as much makeup to disguise the blemishes and the oiliness. Additionally, I haven't felt the need to use the clay masks or acid exfoliators on a weekly basis the way I did before, and have only given myself a facial about once a month since starting this product. The price of Perfect Skin is more than worth it simply in the money I've saved by not having to buy all of those other products, not to mention the time saved. So, I'm very hopeful but will reserve full judgement until I've taken the product for a few more months and until I see what winter does to my skin.

AJ August 14, 2011

Hopeful Update -- Cautiously Optimistic

I started taking this product just under a month ago and at that time wrote a review stating that I would give updates of my progress or lack thereof -- whichever happened. I have taken the supplement since then, although I must confess that some days I have forgotten to take the full dose, and on others, I think I took over the recommended dose because I couldn't remember whether I took it earlier or not. I'm still experiencing high levels of stress and not getting enough sleep or exercise. But, as for the results of the supplement, I must say that I'm very pleasantly surprised. I don't have perfect skin yet, for sure, but what has happened is I've lost the uneven skin tone that I had before, with the congested areas reddened. The redness is now gone. I do still get blockages, but it's not quite as bad. As long as I'm faithful with my skincare regimen, there seems to be less oil production, too, which is a huge improvement. If I go to bed without proper cleansing and moisturising, however, the oil production is right back where it used to be. So, my summary at this point is that this product helps even out skin tone, helps with inflammation, and helps make my other products more effective. I'll continue to provide updates as I use the product, and as I make other lifestyle changes that will affect my skin. I've changed my rating of two stars to three, and will continue to change this rating according to results.

AJ June 30, 2011

perfect skin

it works really great! i havent got a zit in weeks!! it even took away some scaring!

nikki4eva June 24, 2011

Well worth the money!!!

I've been fighting with my skin for more than 8 years. I'm 34, lead a stressful but active life style in Canada. I've tried all sorts of skin care regimes, cleaners, toners, masks, moisturizers etc.. and nothing worked the way these vitamins do. I've been using Perfect Skin for over 6 months and I'm thrilled!!! My pores look more refined. I continue to have minor break outs, but they heal in days instead of weeks. Additionally, I was the healthiest this winter that I've ever been. I usually suffer non-stop colds but only had one brief bout this year.


Kristy June 18, 2011

I am very pleased at this moment.

I will not begin to pretend that this product is the only thing that has been helping my face. Currently I use a medicated topic cream to help with scarring and continue to use acne cleansers. To this point I have tried so many products and combination of productions that I can't even remember. But so far, this product, in combination with my cleansers and medications seem to be helping.

I have been using this product for several weeks, taking two pills a day only, and my skin really does look better than I've seen it since I was about 10. I have received compliments from people telling me that there's something different about my look and it looks great. Maybe it's a placebo effect, maybe it's the formula...but whatever it is, so far its working well for me.

My only wish is that it were less expensive. Us poor students can't always afford what works when the bills get tight. : )

Sam June 5, 2011

Great Stuff

I have been taking the pills for several weeks now and my skin looks and feels great. After trying everything on the market this works!!!!!!!!!!!!

rhoda March 28, 2011

Pleasantly surprised!

I have been taking the Daily Glow supplement for over a year now and at first I noticed a difference but the effects diminished this fall with increased stress in my life. I have been suffering severe break outs with cystic acne. I gave Perfect Skin a try in a desperation - not expecting much - and I have been pleasantly surprised! It took a few weeks to work but I have been taking it for two months now and recently noticed a huge difference. My skin is beautiful and glowing! In fact, yesterday I was at work and a co-worker said: "Your skin looks great! Did you do something different?" I had to share my secret with her. I was also at a party where I met someone for the first time and her first reaction to me was: "You have lovely skin!" As someone who has suffered with severe acne since my teens this was an absolute shock to hear. The price is worth how I feel and how I look! Thanks so much Genuine Health!

x2011 January 26, 2011

The only product that works!

This product is amazing! I have never had such clear skin in my life and now it is just something I am getting used to!
I have always suffered from breakouts and have constantly been frustrated, thinking "why me!" when so many others have such nice, perfect skin. I have tried everything out there too.. tried the Proactiv, the expensive heat therapy laser techniques, the many expensive 3step, 4step products- you name it!
None have ever worked like this product does. It did take a little while (maybe a few months) to get the perfect clear skin I have now- but stick with it, it really works! I just had a close friend comment that he has never seen my skin look so good- and that's what prompted me to write this review.
I researched a lot before I started taking the Perfect Skin pills- and what convinced me in the end were these reviews!
The price is absolutely worth it- don't wait, don't think twice- go out and try this product today!!

Thank you Genuine Health- I've been telling everyone about this amazing product!

Ashley January 14, 2011

Definetly a good product

This is amazing. I've actually been trying things to get rid of my pimples for years, and I have this problem spot right on my forehead which refused to go away for many months. I've taken perfect skin for about a week and my pimples have reduce alot. I'm hoping that in the next month they will be completely gone! Also, my skin is looking brighter and healthier now!

Sassyskin November 26, 2010

What a difference!

I started using Perfect Skin about 3 months ago. I noticed a difference in my skin within two weeks. Once I hit my 40s, the little wrinkles, and the adult acne both started to show up. I didn’t know how to treat my skin from the outside, so I decided to try treating it from the inside. Perfect Skin allows me to take all my supplements like Vitamin E and my Omegas with just two easy pills a day, and get rid of all those bottles and clutter. Plus it’s perfectly balanced and keeps my skin calm and smooth all the time. My skin hasn’t looked or felt this good in years, and I recommend it to all my girlfriends!

Karima October 19, 2010


I've taken/bought every acne product out there. Tried every antibiotic except for the last resort Accutane. I finally made an appointment to see a naturopath, she recommended Perfect Skin. I started taking the 4 pills a day and it took about 2 months for it to work. Now i take 2 pills a day, and up it to 4 pills per day the week before my 'special' time of the month. Love it!!

Gauds October 15, 2010


I have only been using it for 2 weeks and so far nothing has happened. I guess it depends on the person but I am just wondering why it's so expensive???

Joey October 1, 2010

perfect skin

I've been on perfect skin for almost three months and I still see no improvement. :(

Kit September 26, 2010


I started using Perfect skin after years of breakouts . I tried all kinds of products but nothing worked. After 1 month of perfect skin i saw results. I have been using Perfect skin for about 8 months and i have no breakouts, my skin looks and feels great and is not greasy at all! It is a little pricey but worth it!

RAMI82 September 22, 2010

My skin has improved a lot!!

I love this product. My skin looks so beautiful since I start taking it for more than one year. I am so thankful with you for having this amazing product on the market.

Martha Lucia Correa August 24, 2010

Good product

I'm a 30 year old woman with acne mostly on my jawline. I took Perfect Skin for 2 years and noticed a great improvement right away. I had fewer pimples and they healed a lot faster. But after 1 1/2 years, it was like my system got used to the pill and it didn't work as much. I stoped taking them for over a year. I just repurchased a bottle due to an increase of acne these last few weeks. I'm hoping this will help!

Jaimie July 30, 2010

Not Sure

I am a 26 year old, that suffers from pimples around the chin. This started after I moved to Toronto as the climate is humid and the diet in NA is horrible. Anyhow,I've been taking this pills for one month and have finished one bottle already. I also take the healthy skin powder, and have high hopes that soon something is going to change. So far, my diet is ideal, I am very active, and extremely healthy. Never have any stress, in fact pimples are the only thing that stresses me out.
I still experience breakouts, sometimes really bad. Have to admit, I have noticed few things after taking these supplements, that is better skin complexion, better skin tone, less time for the pimples to heal and the blemishes fade away much faster. The only thing that has left are the pimples. Hopefully it works well in a while.

Toronto12 June 22, 2010

It Works!

I don't know how perfect skin works, only that it does! I have used it for several months and my skin is clearer and I seem to get fewer blemishes.
I'm going to keep using it. Thanks so much for the great product!

Beauty Junkie June 18, 2010


I've been taking greens+ for over 2 years and it seems to have made a difference. Prior to taking it, I was often sick but it seems to have really helped my immune system. I was excited to try the perfect skin as a friend tried it & swore by it and I've had acne for over 25 years. I'm sorry to say I don't think it's made any difference and I've been taking it for about 2 months. In fact, since I started taking it, I've had an eczema flare-up but that very well could be unrelated. I do love the taste though, moreso than the other greens flavours. I still highly recommend greens+ but I'm not so sure about perfect skin for me.

Kimber June 18, 2010


I've been taking Perfect Skin for about a month and a half, and I can definitely see results. My skin is generally smooth, and any blemishes I do get tend to be smaller and go away more quickly than before - and these are becoming less and less frequent. I take this along with multi+ glow, and it really works for me!

Jessica ♥ June 17, 2010


This product is amazing! I have tried many products and perscriptions to clear my skin but did very little. As I have gotten older my skin has cleared slightly but I still had small bumps under my skin. perfect skin cleared everything up so quickly! I take 2 perfect skin capsules everyday and swear by it! Best product I have ever used.

Cynthia June 13, 2010


I've had mild acne my whole life, and figured that after countless creams, 3-part systems and facials, I was stuck with less than perfect skin. Well I was wrong. I started taking perfect skin about a month ago, and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin's appearance and texture. I take 4 pills a day; 3 with my meals and one before bed. I no longer get huge red flare-ups before my period, I don't have little "bumps" on my forehead and chin, my cheeks are smooth and pretty... I don't have enough words to describe how absolutely thrilled I am with this product. My husband has even noticed a difference, and that's saying A LOT. I have now also started taking multi+daily glow and can't wait to see the effects. I recommend perfect skin to anyone who's tried it all; but be aware that you need to take all 4 pills every day. You can't take only 1 or 2 or 3 and expect a change, read the label and follow the instructions. Thank you Genuine Health!!

Marijanagirl June 9, 2010

Starting today

Starting a bottle today. I suffer from adult acne after having my second child. So far I'm bloated and have a major headache. Will see how it goes from here...

Crystal June 2, 2010

Awesome product

I have had acne all my life! I have also tried everything out there. This product really need to give it some time though, don't give up. I can say after 4 weeks, my skin looks 80% better already, and my skin is not as oily as it used to be. Thank you!!!

Lu May 24, 2010

Response to "Question" & "Need Help" reviews posted May 6th

The dosage is either 2 or 4 capsules a day with meals. For someone who is looking to prevent acne flare-ups and promote overall skin health, then 2 capsules a day would be appropriate. For an individual presently experiencing acne flare-ups, then supplementing with 2 softgels, twice daily (for a total of 4) would help to reduce breakouts, pimples, redness and acne lesions, decrease excessive sebum (oil) production, and normalize pore structure and size.

GH Customer Service May 10, 2010

need help

do i take 4 or 2 softgels a day???

sarah May 6, 2010

it's working for me

I have really oily skin and I'm prone to breakouts, However after taking perfect skin for 4 weeks I no longer have oily skin and my breakouts are 80% less than usual. I'm going to continue taking this product until I see the results that I want.

Lisa April 12, 2010


Bottom line: it works. take it as recommended and you will see results. Its definitely worked for me. Mild acne that started in my early 20's .

SimS March 28, 2010

Give it a chance - it works!

Acne appeared on my chin after having a baby - and nothing I did could make it go away. I tried perfect skin as I loved greens+. I have to admit my skin did get worse before it got better, but I religiously took 2 pills 2 times a day for 4 weeks believing that the "toxins" in my skin were coming out. After those 4 weeks my skin had never looked better. I am 100% blemish free, my scarring has disappeared, my pores are small and overall my skin looks healthier than it ever has before. I now just take two pills once a day (sometimes I forget) and it maintains my new skin! You've got to try it. I'm thrilled. It's a very small price to pay for not having to load on the concealer each morning!

Andrea March 26, 2010

It does work for me!!!


The Glow March 17, 2010


I started taking this product around the middle of February. After my first bottle I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. For years I've struggled with acne and specific problem areas on my face. I had tried every cleanser on the market from Neutrogena to Proactiv. After all of these proved to be a fail I stumbled across perfect skin and figured I had nothing to lose. This product is absolutely amazing and I will continue to stay on it!! Thank you!

Victoria March 15, 2010

Great Results!

I love this product! I noticed a clear difference in the health of my skin, my blemishes, and my acne disappeared! It is a great feeling to know I won't be waking up to a face full of zits in the morning, and won't need as much makeup. It has been a confidence booster for sure, especially when the summer comes and it's bathing suit time. No negative side effects, and I tend to be quite sensitive/allergic to many ingredients. I would definitely recommend trying this product

BC March 1, 2010

Thank you

I have suffered terrible acne since 11. Cystic painful acne that has been a never ending battle. I remember times when I would cry because even smiling would hurt! Well I am 23 now and I started using perfect skin after literally using EVERYTHING (creams, makeup, pills, birth control, proactive, all face washes, diet, cleansing, blue light therapy, microderms.... etc). I am almost a month into using perfect skin and my skin has almost completely cleared up!!!! I noticed a difference about day 4 of using it. I am on my second bottle and I have gone from taking 4 a day to 2 a day. I don't mind the cost because I have spent thousands and thousands on previous failures. I feel like myself again!!! My battle it finally over!!! Thank you to whomever was the inventor of this!!!

Alexia February 17, 2010

Re: Reviews posted by Angie & Amanda, Feb 12 & 14th

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GH Customer Service February 16, 2010

Great for Adult Acne

I'm a 39 year old who didn't have bad acne as a teenager - just as an adult post-children! Wrinkles and acne together - it didn't seem fair... I've had great results taking two perfect skin capsules a day. This is going to sound weird but I noticed a difference in my skin after one day. Bizarre, eh? My diet before WAS high in fruits/veggies/whole grains/fish oils; I guess just not high enough! Once my skin heals, I'm going to try reducing to one capsule a day. I'm thrilled with the results and am pleased I'm no longer dousing my skin with toxic chemicals in an effort to find ANYTHING that might work. Great product!

rivkah February 9, 2010

Great at first, now not so much.

I have been taking these pills for about 9 months now (which has come out to be quite costly). At first I thought it worked wonders, although lately it doesn't seem to have an effect on the betterment of my complexion. I keep on taking the pills, because I am tired of trying harsh products on my skin, hanging in, hoping that it will kick in again. I am taking them as directed.

If my skin is clear, I definitely don't mind paying the price, but when it doesn't work, it is a real drag.

Best of luck to all.

Joliette January 21, 2010


I've never had problem skin till about a yr ago. i tried everything benzol peroxide, salicylic acid,toners, birth control, i changed my makeup and used everything in the acne aisle. i tried these pills. started off taking 4 a day for about a month and my skin is perfect!! i now take just 2 a day if i start getting a little zit I'll take 4 that day and when i wake up it's almost gone i've been taking using this product for about 6 months or so now and love it!. best product out there!! 5 stars! i recommend this product to everyone!

cookiecrums January 7, 2010


I am 22 and have struggled with "unperfect skin" (moderate acne + sensitive skin) for the past 10 years. After much too much trial and error with medications/washes/creams etc., I tried taking 2 perfect skin capsules a day. I am so thankful for this supplement. I started taking Perfect Skin 8 weeks ago and my skin is clear, soft, and glowy. I can't remember ever feeling so beautiful in my own skin :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

spindle January 7, 2010

Working great!

I'm 18 and have always been self-concsious about my skin. All my friends have the clear, perfect skin everybody dreams of, but I was still breaking out. I'm now about halfway through my first bottle of perfect skin, taking 4 capsules a day as recommended to get skin clear, and it's already made a huge difference. While I still have blemishes, the blemishes aren't nearly as red, or visible. My skin tone is also evening out. I plan on continuing with this product, and hopefully soon I'll be able to cut it down to only 2 capsules a day, the recommended dose for maintaining clear skin. Thank you so much!!

Kim December 10, 2009

Thank you!

I am a 45 year old female and have suffered with severe acne since I was 14. I have seen dermatologists before with no avail. I have spent thousands of dollars overs the years on products for my sensitive skin, and acne rosea. Most said I would grow out of it but I still experience adult acne. I tried all the regular scripts, tetracyclin, accutane, metrogel. etc.

After 30 days of taking 1 a day of perfect skin I discovered noteable results. I am extremely pleased with this product I have been using it religiously for 5 months and I am very thankful for the improvement in my skin. While my skin is not perfect, it is about 75% better than before.

Candace November 20, 2009

perfect skin

Hi my name is Michelle and I have hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). It's a chronic skin condition that doesn't have a cure only treatments for temporary relief, and it is very painful. In the spring I started using your "perfect skin" and have had no eruptions since. I guess I can't say for sure if this is what is behind the remission or a combination of things, but I feel very strongly about this product and just wanted to let you know how much it seems to do for me.

My sincere thanks

P.S I have also used the daily detox which is fantastic!

Michelle November 2, 2009


I'm 27 and have suffered with Acne since I was 12. I have tried everything I could think of. Many over the counter washes as well as cream my doctor gave me and then even tried Proactive (a friend has success with it) but I broke out in a horrible rash that made my skin scaly and red for 2 weeks or more.
At the end of my rope feeling doomed that I shall have large oily pores and adult acne forever, I came across perfect skin at my grocery store and went home and read these reviews and thought id give it a try. After only 2 days I already could see that my pores were cleaner and most of my blackheads on my nose and chin were gone. My pores even look smaller. it has now been just over a week and I have had no new breakouts and the existing pimples and blackheads are disappearing. I can't wait to see my results in a month.

STEPHANIE October 28, 2009

We will see....

Starting my bottle today! review more to come

plmm October 19, 2009


I have suffered with acne, and minor break outs for years, I'm now in my early 20's and usually would get minor breakouts such as, a few pimples here n there. After using the perfect skin capsules (2 a day),for 2 full months now, I can honestly say the results speak for the products efficiency :). Recommended to anyone who wants to live with clear glowing skin, because that is exactly what you will get!

olichka October 12, 2009


I'd like to give you compliments for your multi+ daily glow and perfect skin - they're amazing products!

S.M. September 17, 2009


Wasn't too sure about this product at first, after reading mixed reviews. But my skin cleared up within weeks. I'm not used to taking 4 pills a day in addition to my daily vitamins. But as long as I don't have blemishes, I don't mind! This product works!

Santogold87 September 8, 2009

First time in my life without acne!

I have started taking 2 gels per day with my dinner and my skin is better than ever before. I'm 33 years old and I have had acne for more than 10 years; in the last 2 years it got even worse. I have tried all kind of topical creams and recently birth control pills which did not work either. In addition, to the Perfect Skin supplement (2 per day), I'm also having a Complex B and I'm also following the diet recommended in the book "The Clear Skin Diet". I found out about Perfect Skin Supplement in this book. It is only 4 weeks and the results are impressive. Please also read the book and maybe you'll need only 2 gels when combined with proper nutrition.

Kani August 28, 2009


I am 16 and do not have bad acne but I have keratosis on my cheeks and have had this for years. My cheeks would always be red. I have tried my creams and have been to the dermatologist who said nothing would help except for expensive laser treatment. My mother brought Perfect Skin home one day. It has calmed the redness down and my skin looks great. I have recommended this product to my friends. One friend who has tried many oral products was so greatful as it was the only product that cleared her acne.

Twiggy August 14, 2009

The only thing that's really worked.

After trying every topical treatment imaginable, I decided to try this before taking something like accutane or birth control. I'm really glad I did! The number and intensity of my acne has decreased dramatically (I used to get really deep cysts, too). Now, when I do get blemishes, they're a lot less deep, and don't persist as long. Please never stop making this product!!!

Kathryn June 25, 2009


I never write a review either but this product really works. I'm almost finished my first bottle and I'm going to pick up the second one today after work!

perfectskinapproved June 19, 2009

Cystic adult acne - Gone!

I've never bothered to write a review for a product before. But perfect skin has made such a vast difference in my the condition of my skin, that I felt I had to share.

I never had acne as a teen, maybe the odd pimple. As if it happened overnight, as a cruel 30th birthday gift, I began breaking out on my chin primarily. The pimples were deep, cystic and painful. As soon as one cleared up, another showed up. My chin was red, bumpy, covered in whiteheads and very painful to touch.

I tried many products, with almost no success. When I came across perfect skin, I was intrigued, as it made so much sense to change my skin from the inside out. Adding products topically doesn't really change your foundation.

After using the product 4x/day for 2 weeks, my skin began to clear up. After one month, it was almost completely clear. 8 weeks, and its better than ever before!

abby77 June 16, 2009


I absolutely LOVE this product! I have struggled with acne for years and have tried numerous products (prescribed by a dermatologist) but this is the first product that has actually worked for me. It is well worth the cost!

Kristyn April 13, 2009


I LOVE these pills. I have been on Accutane and many things from my doctor over the past 9 years. Although Accutane did work, it came back awhile after the pills were done.

perfect skin is the only thing that consistently works for me. I take 2-4 pills a day depending on my skin situation. It finally feels good to wake up in the morning knowing i will not have a new blemish on my face. It took about 4-5 weeks for me to have clear beautiful skin and be blemish free but its completely worth it to me. I already do recommend this to everybody and anybody who compliments me on my skin. It is definitely a fantastic product!!

Nikky March 16, 2009

give it a try!

i am 19 years old. for time first time in 10 years i have clear skin. my face is free from acne! As soon as I saw an ad for 'perfect skin' i knew i had to give it a try because after trying hundreds of acne products and having none of them work for me i knew there was nothing to lose.
I started using 'perfect skin', i also started eating healthier and worked out daily, and after 2 months my skin was flawless all to 'perfect skin' give it a try! what do you have to lose. I know i gained an acne free skin and confidence!

sheniel March 7, 2009

perfect skin works

hey girls... before i start off i'd like to mention that i've suffered bad acne for a while now and especially on my cheeks and chin area!... the breakout were non- stop and some white heads, some cystic and painfully unbearable!.. its about 22 weeks now that i've been on perfect skin 4 tablets a day and let me say i'm so happy with how improved my skin is and how much less the breakout won't cure it but it reduces it by A LOT... i'm happy and i feel a bit happier knowing i dont need to be stuck on medication which sadly, i am allergic to!.... i also now starting the multi+ daily glow! so well see!!

thnx genuine health!..

frankee February 16, 2009

i love this product

i love this product, i have spent over 2,000$ on acne products including pro active and none of those products have seemed to work for me ... when i heard about perfect skin, i thought i would give it a try. ever since i have used it my acne has calmed down and has become less. i also take perfect skin with the multi+ daily glow ... i recommend this product to everyone.

fish January 27, 2009

my little skin secret

I truly believe that I have found beauty in a bottle. I am a 35 year old mother of 2, and have suffered from adult acne, on and off, for 2 years. I think my skin looks better than in did when I was in grade school, and I truly believe it is due to this product. I have been taking supplements all my life, and was skeptical, but desperate to add "perfect skin" to my vitamin roster. I'm so glad i did!

Jayrod2020 January 20, 2009

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