Genuine Planet

We’re dedicated to the pursuit of health & happiness, not only for people’s health, but for the planet and all creatures on it! Our efforts to create a corporate culture of environmental awareness and action are really just the beginning, and we aim to express our dedicated action in our genuine giving  initiatives.

Our Genuine planet mission:

To make the name “Genuine Health” not only synonymous with physical and mental well-being but also with environmental awareness and action, as well as the social impact therein. To promote earth-friendly choices and efforts both at home and in the work-place.’

Genuine Planet Initiatives:

David Suzuki Foundation


Genuine Health  donated  generously to the David Suzuki Foundation’s on-going efforts to reconnect Canadians with nature and help build healthy, livable communities. This work includes innovative programs that empower citizens and community leaders to protect and restore nature within and surrounding their communities. Recent success includes the designation of the Rouge National Park.  By establishing Canada’s first urban National Park in the country’s largest urban area, it puts nature into millions of backyards.

“As a busy parent living in the city with two young children, I am keenly aware of how important it is to get kids outside to enjoy nature, especially green spaces and parks close to home,” said Dr Faisal Moola, Director of Science at the David Suzuki Foundation. “With the generous support of Genuine Health, we intend to ensure that these vital green spaces flourish and that our kids are able to spend time fostering a deeper connection with the natural world”.

Read more information on the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Challenge.


 Vitamin Angels

vitaminangelsVitamin Angels is an organization dedicated to providing vital nutrition to families in need, including infants and children under five. Just a $1 donation can preserve the sight of a child. Donate now.


 Products and Packaging

  • All Genuine Health bottles are HDPE #2 plastic – the best food grade plastic material
  • Our shaker cups are #5 PP, BPA free, and considered one of the safest plastics
  • All Genuine Health bottles and cups are 100% recyclable
  • All Genuine Health bottles and cups are and BPA-free
  • All Genuine Health cartons are all 100% post consumer waste; no virgin fibres used
  • By removing the inners on certain products we’ve further reduced our corporate packaging.

Biodegradable Tasting Cups

We are converting to biodegradable and compostable cups for in-store tastings and consumer shows to offset the one-time use of plastic products in these situations.


 Head Office Efficiency

logo bullfrogpower

Genuine Health is Bullfrog Powered

Bullfrog Power is the first 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario who only buys power from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. For more information on Bullfrog Power click here.

Paper reduction 

Our Operation Excellence programme is actively working towards a paperless office.  Our internal committee actively investigates and promotes choices that further reduce our carbon footprint.

Smart paper for all company collateral

Exclusive use of environmentally friendly paper in all collateral materials. Our approved sources include recycled content from post-consumer waste and any virgin fibre is from certified Forest management programs such as FSC or PEFC. Acid-free and chlorine-free papers are selected, where available.

Internal recycling and environmental program

Genuine Planet has implemented a comprehensive system of office recycling that includes all paper, cardboard, styrofoam, plastic, glass, compostable food, printer toner and electronics. At Genuine Health we encourage, reward and educate staff to reduce their carbon footprint .