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Staff Picks

Who says you can’t play favourites? We aren’t shy about sharing which products we use every day to help us achieve our optimum health.

Kimberly S. – Senior Category Brand Manager

I kick off each day with a morning smoothie for my breakfast using fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ vanilla and greens+ O vanilla. I feel nourished, energized and content that I have put the very best into my body so that I will feel and do my best in the day ahead.

Jordan W. – Director of Sales, US

I’m on the road or plane traveling a lot and it can be very difficult to find good nutrition, especially for someone with sensitive digestion like myself. For that reason, I always travel with our fermented protein bars. I have been a huge protein bar fan for years, but the fermented vegan proteins+ dark chocolate almond and fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ cherry almond vanilla bars are my all-time favorites. They keep me full for hours and help with my digestion. They are truly amazing and delicious!

Laura M. – International Business Coordinator

I enjoy most fermented things… so it’s no surprise that my favourite products are  fermented vegan proteins+ vanilla, and fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+ acai mango. They’re just so good! I also like the peanut butter chocolate fermented vegan proteins+ bars  a lot.

Joanne P. – Territory Manager

I absolutely LOVE omega3+ joy. It makes such a difference in how I feel everyday!

I pair it alongside fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+ vanilla chai to help keep me at my best!!

Heather P. – Key Account Manager & Team Lead – West

Impossible to choose just 1! So here are my top 3 🙂

fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+, this is the crème de la crème of total body nourishment!  This keeps me functioning, energized and balanced. It’s my nutritional insurance.

omega3+ joy, 4 of these per day to keep inflammation away, plus I’ve got good vibes!

Lastly, activrecover+ is what fuels me after daily hot power flow yoga classes, I get a quick recovery time & no muscle fatigue!

Alex S. – Account Manager

Thanks to fast joint care+ & activfuel+, Trail Running the North Shore Mountains never felt & tasted so GOOD! I feel unstoppable with extra drive to push further


Zoë Z. – Account Manager

fermented vegan proteins+ vanilla and omega3 extra strength – I don’t leave home without them!

fermented vegan proteins+ is a personal favourite as part of my breakfast shake and also after my regular work outs. I especially love it mixed with water and a hint of cinnamon.

omega3 extra strength helps keep my skin happy, my hair healthy, my tummy smiling and my brain functioning. I highly recommend omega3 extra strength – it’s a miracle supplement!


Lisa J. – Director of Marketing

I cannot go a day without my vegan greens+ O vanilla – so yummy and I feel like every cell in body is saying thank you when I drink it


Stewart Brown – President & Founder

My favourite product right now would be greens+ of course & fermented vegan proteins+ for its great taste!


Letelle S. – Community Relations & Events Manager

I start my day with a morning shake of orange juice, a scoop of  greens+ extra energy orange, fermented vegan proteins+ vanilla. What a difference it makes! I feel energized, calm & focused.

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