Dr. Alan Logan ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Alan Logan is a naturopathic doctor who has spent his career to date as an independent researcher focusing on nutritional and ecological variables. He has been researching and publishing scientific papers in the area of beneficial microbes and nutrition for over a decade. Along with his colleagues, Alan is best known for his original 2003 and 2005 Medical Hypotheses papers suggesting that probiotics and other friendly microbes could influence human behavior and mental outlook. These papers have spawned further discoveries and the astonishing implications of the gut-brain and even the gut-brain-skin connections. Put simply, he has been involved in international microbiota research long before it became a scientific trend. He has presented research within the Benson-Henry Institute courses in Harvard's School of Continuing Medical Education - these topics have included The Placebo and Dietary Supplements, Exploration of Food and Mood, and Vitamin G: The Medicinal Aspects of Green Space. We have called upon Alan's broad range of knowledge and research skills for years.